Jim Inhofe has been in the U.S. Senate for 14 years. Over that time he has done very well for himself and some very special interests, but less well for average Oklahomans and Americans. At a time when more and more Americans are feeling concerned about their financial security and the future, Jim Inhofe has chosen to pad the pockets of the same old corporate interests. The Senator likes to cast himself as a true Oklahoman, but the only Oklahoman he’s taking care of these days is James Inhofe. Read more about how he’s hurting Oklahomans below…


America is hurting. Rising unemployment. Home foreclosures. We are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
What do we get from Senator Inhofe?

Foreclosure Prevention Act:
College Cost Reduction Act:
Energy Independence:
Minimum Wage Increase:
Child Tax Credit Increase:
Veterans/Troop Support:
Affordable Drugs:
Protect U.S. Jobs:

Subsidies to Big Oil:
Pay Increase for Congress:
Tax Breaks to Corporations:

NO (1 of 13 to vote against)
NO (1 of 12 to vote against)
NO ($600 billion overseas/year)
NO (voted against 6 times)
NO ($400 per family)
NO (against the troops 14 of 14 times)
NO (Pharmaceutical companies opposed)
NO (voted no on several proposals)

YES ($ billions to multinational companies)
YES (every year in Senate)
YES ($137 billion)

Senator Inhofe doesn’t mind sending American tax dollars to corporate America, but he really hates helping out working class Americans …

Inhofe voted in favor of cutting taxes for corporations. Inhofe voted for providing $137 billion in new tax cuts for corporations, including a $10 billion buyout of tobacco. (H.R. 4520, Vote # 211, 10/11/04) … but voted against cutting taxes for middle class Americans. Inhofe was one of only two senators to vote against increasing the child tax credit, set to affect an estimated 282,000 children in Oklahoma (S. Amdt. 862 to H.R. 1308, Vote # 210, 6/5/03; New York Times, 6/8/03; Daily Oklahoman, 6/7/03). Inhofe was one of just 16 senators to vote against the Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act, which included rapid tax rebates for American households and tax incentives for small businesses (H.R. 5140, Vote # 10, 2/7/08).

Inhofe voted in favor of increasing his own wage every year , even while Inhofe’s “annual financial disclosure statements indicate he is a millionaire and the richest Oklahoman in Congress,” (Tulsa World, 3/9/06) … but voted against increasing the minimum wage at least six times. Inhofe voted against the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 (H.R. 2, Vote # 23, 1/24/07), and voted against six other proposals to increase minimum wage by $1 per hour (S.Amdt. 3079 to S.Amdt. 2951 to S.Con.Res. 101, Vote # 76, 4/7/00; S.Amdt. 2751 to S. 625, Vote # 356, 11/9/99; S.Amdt. 1383 to S. 1429, Vote # 239, 7/30/99; S. 96, Vote # 94, 4/28/99; S.Amdt. 195 to S.Con.Res. 20, Vote # 77, 3/25/99; S.Amdt. 3540 to S.Amdt. 3559 to S. 1301, Vote # 278, 9/22/98).

Inhofe helped out the banks and credit card companies, making it harder for people to erase debt by declaring bankruptcy (S. 256, Vote # 44, 3/10/05; Washington Post, 3/10/05) … but could not help out average Americans during the recent economic crisis. Inhofe was one of 13 senators to vote against the Foreclosure Prevention Act (H.R. 3221, Vote # 185, 7/25/08), opposed the Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Amendment of 2008 (S.Amdt. 4191 to S.Con.Res. 70, Vote # 88, 4/3/08), and voted against disaster aid for farmers (H.R. 1591, Vote # 126, 3/29/07).

Inhofe gave billions of taxpayer dollars to Big Oil , he has taken $1,076,573 from major oil companies since 2000, and voted in Big Oil’s interests 100% of the time (Oil Change International, Center for Responsive Politics) … but voted against proposals to repeal tax incentives for companies that ship American jobs overseas. Inhofe voted against an amendment that that would have repealed tax subsidies for domestic companies that move manufacturing operations and American jobs offshore(Motion to Adopt Amendment No. 210, Vote # 63, 3/17/05) and several other policies to protect U.S. jobs (Motion To Table Amendment No. 3110, Vote # 83, 5/5/04; Motion to Wave CBA re:

Amendment No. 2977, Vote # 517, 10/26/95).

  Call James Inhofe and tell him to stop putting corporate interests ahead of American interests.

Tell him that taxpayer dollars should be spent on services for the taxpayer, not multinational corporations.

Tell him that sending $600 billion every year to foreign oil cartels is not acceptable.

Tell him that voting for armed conflict but not supporting the troops is unpatriotic.

Tell him that multi-billion dollar credit card companies, banks, and energy companies don’t need government handouts.

Tell him to take the subsidies back from multinational corporations and spend them on education, health care, and U.S. jobs.